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As the former Board President of Steam Academy of Akron, it has been my privilege to work with Tatonka Education Services (TES). Carol Hansen and Joseph Hattrick have been phenomenal in the turning around of this charter. Prior to working with TES and before my tenure on the board, SAA was in fiscal danger. TES joined our team and helped turn our school around and now the school has a fighting chance for a bright future. It has been a pleasure to partner with Carol, Joseph, and TES and I would not hesitate to do it again! Thanks for truly demonstrating a heart for the children and their education!
— Eric D. Nevins, Jr. March 23, 2018
The support that Tatonka has provided Riverbend Prep Academy has allowed us to meet our financial benchmarks much earlier than anticipated. They have also supported our school through management services while allowing us to be our own entity. They take direction from the board while giving us the freedom to determine the curriculum and instructional pedagogy that we feel would best meet our school mission. It’s refreshing to work with a management company that allows us to operate in a way that is responsive to our own community, rather than conform to their way of doing things.
— John Paquin, Head of School, Riverbend Prep
As a charter school operating outside of our local school district, we have to outsource for the business aspects of our school, and TES has been an invaluable resource to help with this. From payroll to human resources to budgeting, we can always count on TES to have on-point feedback and strategies to help streamline our school operations. While business and operations don’t always first come to mind when thinking about elementary education, they directly impact teaching and learning. Thought behind the scenes, when the business and operations of our school are solid, it is the students who benefit the most.
— Shannon Keigan, Executive Director, T.R. Paul Academy of Arts and Knowledge
Since 2015 First Student has been providing transportation services to STEAM, Akron, Ohio. Our experience with Carol Hansen, CEO, Tatonka Capital and her team is exceptional. As a business partner one expects each party to uphold their agreed upon obligations. Without exception Tatonka Capital meets and exceeds every expectation
— Douglas Meek, Area General Manager, First Student, Inc.
TES was able to help get the school’s cash flow under control and ultimately get vendors paid. Based on our experience, I would recommend TES to any school, but particularly those that are in need of turn‐around services
— Patrick T. Carmody, President, Innovative Modular Solutions, Inc.
When TES took over Steam Academy of Akron payments for food service have significantly improved. We believe that on time payments from our customers are essential to our business, and gives us the ability to serve our school customers
— Brad Wilkinson, President, Arlene's Cuisine